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Latest Tibet Permit Update in Aug. 2012
 Tibet permit situation remains the same.
   ●  The Tibet Tourism Bureau still restricts permits being issued to citizens of these six countries: UK, Norway, Korea, Austria, the Philippines and Vietnam.
   ●  No foreign groups are permitted to visit the Mt. Everest base camp. Groups are allowed to drive to the border town of Zhangmu and view Everest and the Himalayan range from the village of Old Tingri.
-- - By Tibetgrouptour Team. July 23rd, 2012

Tibet Permit Update in July 2012
As the Tibet permit restrictions are changing timely without any prior notice, so there are lots of rumors about the Tibet travel permit, anyhow the latest permit restriction released from the Tibet Tourism Bureau confirmed as below;
1.     All the groups entering Tibet through Nepal can get the Tibet travel permit, but the group should have 5 people or more than that.
2.     Generally, if the group come to Tibet from mainland China, then it is impossible to get the permit, but if the group is bigger than 5 or more people, then we can apply for the group visa invitation from Tibet Tourism Bureau here in Lhasa, then will send a e copy by email, then a group visa for the whole group can be obtained from the Chinese Embassy. So then the group can enter Tibet through Mainland China. But be informed that, if it is group visa then all the members listed in the group visa should enter and exit China together.
The above restrictions are came into practice since from 24th June, but no one knows how long that restriction will last and what changes will apply in the coming months, so we will update the first hand information of the permit on our website.
--- Tibetgrouptour Team, July 5th, 2012 
China Tibet permit situation update in May, 2012 
On May 7th, Tibet tourism bureau had a meeting with major travel agencies and decided not to give permit to groups which has less than 4 people, and also start from next week, May 14th, all the permit application files must be submitted 10 days in advance which means no emergency permit can be given,  these policy had huge impact on many small agencies and foreign clients, however, Tibetgrouptour has some ways to help our client to get the permit, please contact us on how to get your Tibet permit at
TibetGrouptour Team, May 10th, 2012 
This page provides you important and first-hand information of Tibet travel permit in 2012 and documents that help you to plan your trip in worry free. Tibet is officially a province of China and valid China visa is required to travel to Tibet, as a different from other places in mainland China, you need some additional travel documents or permits to touring in Tibet, please check details in the below:
There are four documents required for a foreigner to travel into Tibet.
1) Chinese visa or Tibet Group visa
2) Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)
3) Alien's Travel Permit (ATP/also called PSB permit)
4) Military permit.
China Visa or Tibet Group Visa
A valid passport with a standard Chinese entry visa is essential for all foreign travelers. China visa is generally obtainable from most Chinese embassies and consulates in your locality and you must be obtained in advance. The cost of a standard Chinese tourist visa varies from US$ 12-120 according to the nationality of the applicant and the type of visa required. Individual visas (an 'L' Visa means tourist visa) may be issued for single or double entry, with a validity of one, two, or three months. Multiple entry visas are normally issued for business or educational purposes only, such as the "F" Visa, "X" Visa or "Z" Visa etc, ranging in validity from 6 to 12 months, and are more expensive (US$ 120-250). Normally three working days are required to process a visa application from the date of its submission, but express services are also available at a premium.
Important Tips from Explore Tibet Team when you apply for Chinese visa:
It’s best not to mention Tibet or any places in Tibet as your travel destination when you are applying for Chinese visa (the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu is the only exception). Since Tibet is politically sensitive in China and sometimes it may refuse your visa application if you mention about Tibet in the application form, so please keep this in mind when applying and you can mention any city of mainland China such as Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Chengdu-Sichuan, Yunnan, etc. as your travel destinations.
Tibet Travel Permits (TTP)
Tibet Travel Permits (TTP) is necessary for foreigners to get into Tibetan Autonomous Region, Explore Tibet Team can apply it for you and usually it takes only 3 working days, but if you are traveling into restricted areas, then you need more additional permits and documents which will take longer time. Once you confirm your trip with us, we request you to send us clear scan copies or photo of your passports and Chinese visa at least 20 days in advance by email as it is required for applying Tibet Travel Permits, when it is issued we will send either a copy of original of the permit to your hotel in China. If you will fly into Tibet then we will send the original permit to your hotel in China as you need it to board the flight, if you will take the train into Tibet, then we will send a copy of the permit by email and you can bring a copy to board the train.
Note: Diplomats, Journalists, professional media photographer and government officials are not able to issue their travel permit through ordinary travel agencies. They are only able to travel Tibet under the arrangement of Foreign Affairs Department, Economic Development Committee, etc.
Both Alien's Travel Permit and Military Permits are required if your tour cover or pass through a restricted area, ATP is easily obtainable at your arrival as it should be applied with your original passports, where as Military Permit should be applied along with the Tibet Travel Permit in advance and it will take about 7 working days to issue.
Documentations to enter into Tibet from Nepal.

Travel to Tibet from Nepal by land or air: If you plan to travel to Tibet from Nepal, you must get your Tibet group visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, whether you already have a Chinese visa or not, Tibet group visa is compulsory for all tourist to enter Tibet from Nepal. The Tibet Group Visa is a A4 size sheet of paper, with the name, sex, nationality, passport number, date of birth and occupation of each member of your group listed. The dates of entry and exit are precisely recorded. Usually, the visa is valid only for the length of the trip you have booked but it's possible to extend the visa for few additional days, but only for staying in Lhasa. There will be two original copies of the Tibet Group Visa, one for immigration at the entry and another for the exit. Explore Tibet  Team can easily help you to obtain the Tibet Group visa through our partner agent in Kathmandu. We highly recommend you to don’t apply for individual Chinese visa in your country if you decided to travel Tibet from Nepal, since when you apply for the group visa to entering Tibet,  the Chinese embassy will cancel your individual Chinese visa.
Below are the cost of group visas for different nationalities;
Category; Number of working days to obtain it; Cost for American passport holders Other nationalities;
Normal; 5 days USD140 USD50
Urgent 3 days USD144 USD65
Top Urgent 1 day USD175 USD85
Note; Tibet group visa is only applicable on Monday, Wednesday and Friday(three days in a week). Also the local Nepalese agencies charge USD20-50 per person service charge according to the number of people in the group.

What documents do I need to send you to apply for TTP?

Once you have confirmed your tour with us, we need you to send us clear scanned copies of Passports and China Visas for every member of the group to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit. If your China Visa is not an “L” visa, then you must also provide additional documents such as student certificates, work permits, residence permits and so on.

How long does the Tibet Permit application process take?

Normally, Tibet permits can be issued in 3 working days, but if your tour itinerary covers some restricted or unopened area like EBC, Mt. Kailash, Sichuan-Tibet highway and Yunnan-Tibet highway, you may need several different permits which could take around 7 working days.

What kind of trip requires the Military Permit, PSB Permit a

Military and PSB Permits are only needed for those trips going through sensitive areas or a border region; these trips include the Mt. Kailash trip, Sichuan-Tibet Overland Tour, Tibet-Kashigar Overland Tour and so on. Alien's Travel Permits are necessary if you are going to Mt. Everest Base Camp, Samye Monastery (southern part of Tibet), Nyinchi (Eastern part of Tibet) and Mt. Kailash, but these can be issued from the local PSB just before you enter the region.

How do I obtain the Tibet Travel Permit?

To obtain Tibet Travel Permits, it is necessary to make your travel arrangements through a genuine local travel agency, providing clear scanned copies of you passport and China visa. Please note that it’s impossible to board any flights or trains to Tibet without the Travel Permit. The permits themselves specify every destination and all the towns that you would visit during the tour and cannot be changed once you have arrived in Tibet; therefore, be sure to detail all possible destinations as well as the route before you decide your trip. It usually takes 3 working days for the Tibet Travel Permit to be issued. I can take 5 to 7 days if your particular tour requires the Military Permit and PSB permit.

What documents do I need to visit Tibet?

To visit Tibet you should have a valid passport, a Chinese visa and a Tibet Travel Permit, also called a Tibet Entry Permit or Tibet Visa. We will obtain the Tibet Travel Permit for you from the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

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